How to get toxins out of our body

As we age, we are constantly accumulating toxins in our system and our body no longer operates at its optimum and the immunity becomes low, in order to heal fast and maintain good vibrant health, we need to look at the body holistically and create a balance.

Creating a balance means we must take the body back to its natural form and we could do that through a thorough blood detox because blood feeds all the other cells and organs with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, water and oxygen which are all essential to life . If the blood is toxic, then the cells, organs and body cannot be well.

We cant live without oxygen and water, we need bot

h in the right quantity and purity to be healthy.

Vitamins and nutrients are vital for growth and rejuvenation.

The best way to rid the blood of toxins is by removing bad, static blood from the body and this could be done through hijama/cupping therapy.

Wet cupping or hijama as its popularly called aid in restoring the body to its natural form.

suction cups are used to create a vacuum to allow static blood come to the surface and surgical blades are used to make superficial scars on the surface of the skin and the cups are put back to draw out bad blood.

After the procedure most people get immediate relief.

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